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When facing legal problems, you want a lawyer that will go to battle for you. Our firm always handles your individual or your organizations largest legal problems. We stand ready and willing to fight for you. Don’t take your choice for legal counsel lightly, poor representation in any legal matter can result in life changing consequences.

If you are facing a tough legal problem right now, take a deep breath, get your mind right, and resolve to help yourself by giving us a call and we will show you a clear path to solving your current problems.

At Erik Johnson Law Offices, we offer clear solutions to complex legal problems that arise in Business and Transactional Law, Government and Administrative Law, Civil Litigation as well as providing extensive Estate Planning Options.

Strong Legal Representation

Don’t stick yourself with an attorney that might be ill-equipped to handle your particular legal issue, or may be out of their league in handling complex cases. On the other hand, some firms are so big that clients become lost in the shuffle. By trying to be good at everything, they often end up not being great at anything.

We offer the best of both worlds, a well established, successful firm with resources and expertise from attorneys that will fight to protect your interests. We are able to handle cases in our expert practice areas without sacrificing either quality or our commitment to our clients.

Let’s Get Results for You

When you meet with us for a confidential review of your case, you will immediately notice that we do things differently. We speak plainly and directly, we treat each and every client with respect, and we work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to secure your optimal outcome.

Riamh Nar Dhruid O Sbairn Lann.”  

Commonly translated as “Who never retreated from the Clash of Spears.”

4th Regiment

Irish Brigade

Get Started with a Risk-Free Consultation

Choosing a lawyer to handle your case can be difficult, but it does not have to be. We provide a free consultation. During this consultation, you are encouraged to ask questions about your case and the process you face, and we will give you a fair and objective assessment of your case based on the information you provide us.

Your consultation is held in strictest confidentiality, so your meeting is truly a no-risk consultation.

You have nothing to lose by talking with us, but you stand to lose everything by failing to secure strong legal representation in a timely manner.

Call today to schedule your free, confidential case analysis or submit the online case review form provided here.

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