Building a community without a plan is a recipe for disaster, if not downright impossible.

At the Erik Johnson Law Offices, we recognize how important community planning is, and can aid you during all phases of community planning.

Our lawyers have the experience necessary to tackle even the most complex of issues.

Initial Meetings with Community Stakeholders

One of the most important steps during community planning is taking the time to set up initial meetings with community stakeholders to discuss the community plan.

During initial meetings, goals – such as more housing, expanded economic opportunities, suitable living environments, greener living, etc. – should all be discussed.

Developing strategies for meeting these goals and bringing partners and stakeholders together is a key part of the initial phases of community planning. We can represent and advise you during these meetings.

Understanding Limitations, the Law, and Navigating Hurdles

Our lawyers are also extremely skilled in understanding and identifying the limitations of a community plan, such as budget, space, or resources.

In some cases, municipal, state, or federal laws may also prevent obstacles to a community plan. When this is the case, our team is experienced in navigating hurdles through creative solutions, including negotiations.

Final Development

At the Erik Johnson Law Office, we want to guide you through all steps of the community planning process.

This includes the final development of a plan that will act as the roadmap for the success and longevity of your community.

Oftentimes, a plan that seems perfect will show a fault in the final stages – we will work quickly to alleviate any hiccups that may develop, and work hard to put the final pieces of a community plan in order so that the plan can be turned from an idea into a reality.

What Else Do We Do?

Community planning is an extremely complex undertaking that often requires the opinion of a legal professional or the guidance of someone who is experienced in the process.

We have the team that you are looking for to aid you during your community planning process, ranging from zoning ordinances to master plans to writing and reviewing grant proposals and more.

Make Us Your Choice for Community Planning in Ada, Oklahoma and Surrounding Areas

We hope that we are your number one choice for community planning and economic development legal services in Ada, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

Our firm has a number of experienced partners who take the time to fully understand your needs and goals, and work hard to accomplish those goals and meet those needs.

Our founder, Erik Johnson, has more than a decade’s worth of experience representing clients throughout all stages of community planning.

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