Cities and towns in Oklahoma cannot be economic healthy without development. In fact, economic development is arguably the driving force behind prosperity and the success of a city.

However, economic development is not simple; instead, it is governed by numerous laws and ordinances which must be properly understood and adhered to.

At the Erik Johnson Law Offices, we have more than 15 years’ worth of experience providing counsel in the field of economic development.

The Facets of Economic Development

As stated above, economic development is not simple. In fact, there are many areas of economic development that must be executed in conjunction with existing laws.

Our experienced law firm will ensure that you understand:

  • Environmental permitting. In development and expansion projects in Ada, Oklahoma and surrounding areas, environmental laws and environmental permitting can be a big issue. We understand guidelines set forth by the state of Oklahoma, as well as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and will ensure that development occurs within these boundaries.
  • Zoning and planning. Economic development must be done in conjunction with existing zoning laws. We are highly competent and comfortable in our knowledge of relevant planning and zoning laws, ranging from environmental protection issues to commercial management to land and water use and more.
  • Site acquisition. Development cannot begin until a site is selected and acquired. We can aid you in the legal real estate process, and help you to understand real estate contracts, leases, land use clauses, and more.

The above list is not complete; our economic development attorneys are also skilled at negotiations, understanding government laws that may pertain to your development and representing governing bodies, community planning, and other knowledge of the process.

Why Work with the Erik Johnson Law Offices

Economic development is a huge undertaking. When even the smallest of error is made, the whole process can be significantly delayed, hundreds of thousands of dollars can be wasted, and an entity’s reputation can be seriously damaged.

For all these reasons and more, working with an experienced Ada economic development attorney is common sense.

An attorney will guide you through every step of the process so that you are reassured that you are acting not only in compliance with the law, but also within your best interests.

The Erik Johnson Law Offices should be your top choice for economic development representation in Ada and surrounding areas.

With more than a decade and a half of experience serving governing bodies and other businesses, entities, and organization in Oklahoma, we have a firm understanding of the comprehensive nature of economic development, and we are skilled at developing advanced solutions.

We provide each of our clients with the strategic insight they need to ensure a successful final result. To schedule a free case consultation with us today, call us now at (580) 279-1975.