Estate Planning

Taking the time now to thoroughly plan your estate is the only way to ensure that your wishes and desires are manifested in the future. Our attorneys are skilled at helping you make the right estate planning decisions, a benefit not only to yourself but to the ones you leave behind. What are the advantages to estate planning?


Providing for your immediate family is the first advantage that comes to mind. If you have children under the age of 18, both you and your spouse should have a will nominating personal guardians for the children. Without your will, a court will decide without your input where your kids will live and who will make important life decisions about their money, education, and way of life.


Choosing who controls your estate, by saying who is competent to serve as your executor/trustee, not only do you save money, you will reduce the burden on your survivors, and simplify administration of your estate.

Minimize expenses; good estate planning can keep the cost of transferring property to beneficiaries as low as possible, leaving more money for their benefit.


Power of Attorney & Advanced Directives

Planning for incapacity… Living wills and durable healthcare powers of attorney enable you to decide in advance about life support and pick someone to make decisions for you about medical treatment.

We take the time now to make sure that your voice will be heard even after your death or incapacity. Visit us today for all of your estate planning needs; whether it is a will or trust, power of attorney or advance directive, we are here for you.


Probate is the process by which a will is recognized by a court and accepted as a true last testament of the deceased. Oklahoma allows for summary proceedings in the event there is not a will. Our attorneys are experienced in both the probate process and the summary administration of estates.

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