Government and Administrative Law

Regulations are points at which governments and enterprise must interact. Business and public entities must navigate a landscape of complex rules and guidelines that requires the knowledge of experienced, successful attorneys.

Our skilled legal team has a vast understanding of representing numerous state agencies, businesses and individuals.

Representation of Governing Bodies

Our law firm provides specific knowledge of current Open Record and Open Meeting laws, combined with practical experience representing public bodies to make the job of an elected official easy.  Elected officials, especially in smaller communities, are volunteers that are giving of their time to make their community a better place to live, work and raise a family in.  Our law firm protects you from liability, guides you through the legislative process, and allows you to feel secure in your duties as a public servant.

Representation before State Agencies and Boards

Our law firm represents many clients before state agencies and boards, including many professional boards, the Oklahoma Corporation commission, and the Oklahoma Tax Commission.  Don’t allow your business interest or professional standing in the community be jeopardized by the actions of a state agency- you need solid legal experience to navigate these administrative proceedings.

Planning and Zoning

Our reputation in land use and zoning matters has led cities and counties to call on us to assess the legal validity and practical application of proposed regulations. We have helped create and evaluate governmental strategies and legislation for comprehensive planning, growth management, adequate public facilities, transferable development rights, environmental protection, transportation policy, commercial management and special taxing districts, sustainable development, sign regulation and historic preservation.

Economic Development

Economic development is the lifeblood for communities in rural Oklahoma, and is a challenge that must be met with planning and expertise from the governing body and staff.  Our lawyers have spent years providing counsel in the field of economic development, and have solutions that can open doors to enhanced development in your community.

Community Planning

You cannot build a house without a plan- how would you build a community without one?  Our lawyers have been involved in all aspects of community planning, from the initial meetings with key community stakeholders, to the final development of a plan that will serve as a roadmap for the future success and continuing viability of your community.

Organizational Management

Any organization, whether it is a governing body or a public trust authority, has day to day challenges that can impede the organizations success. Employment issues, financial concerns, policy decisions, and best practices procedures don’t go away, and must be dealt with- City managers and administrators are tasked with guiding the organization through these challenges and have answers for their board or council. Our firm serves as a steady hand to assist you with these decisions, bringing our public and governmental law experience and practical expertise gained through our many years of client representation to aid in making the best decisions for your organization.

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