The Erik Johnson Law Offices have been providing government and administrative law legal aid services to state agencies, governing bodies, businesses, and individuals for more than a decade and a half.

We are experienced in advising on governance, administrative review, liability and protection from liability, tort law, freedom of information and privacy, and more.

We are highly skilled at helping all entities navigate the complex rules and guidelines that government and administrative laws set forth.

Understanding Government and Administrative Law

Government and administrative law is that branch of law that is responsible for the regulation of the “creation and operation of administrative agencies.”

These laws are created to protect public interests. These laws are also designed to regulate how governments operate at the municipal, state, and federal level.

How Our Government and Administrative Law Attorney Can Help You

We are highly experienced in representing government and other administrative bodies. We have the skill set to:

  • Provide advice to government bodies, such as city councils, in regards to liability issues and the legislative process
  • Provide specific knowledge of and advice regarding open record and open meeting laws
  • Represent clients before state agencies and state boards
  • Defend government entities from personal injury claims brought against them

Other areas of government and administrative law in which we are experienced include:

  • Land use and zoning laws
  • Labor rights
  • Discrimination
  • Wage and hour laws
  • Licensing and regulatory laws
  • Eminent domain
  • Affordable housing
  • Government contracts

Why You Need an Experienced Attorney On Your Side

Government and administrative law is not only incredibly complex, but fluid and changeable; laws are constantly evolving.

It is important to work with a seasoned lawyer who stays abreast of any changes and is experienced in representing entities in vast areas of government and administrative law.

Issues like land use and zoning laws, or liability concerns, do not just go away – it is best to tackle these disputes head on and resolve matters as quickly as possible.

The failure to act swiftly and resolve a government and administrative law issue could have major consequences, including the demise of a business or a major liability.

Work with the Erik Johnson Law Offices

We have the public and governmental law experience that you are looking for when an administrative law issue presents itself.

Whether big government or small, or an individual or business that is in need of legal representation, our legal professionals are ready to assist you.

We have been in the business for more than 15 years, and fully understand the consequences that you are facing.

For a free case consultation where we can meet with you in person and review your case today, call our experienced Ada administrative and government law attorney now at (580) 279-1975.