Planning and zoning laws and regulations are extremely important, yet often complicated for a non-legally trained person to understand.

At the Erik Johnson Law Offices, our experienced planning and zoning lawyer is highly skilled at helping to both evaluate and create zoning and planning strategies and legislation.

Our Planning and Zoning Experience

The Erik Johnson Law Offices are experienced, and available to assist property owners and developers, in regards to the following aspects of planning and zoning law:

  • Growth management
  • Public facility development/growth
  • Transferable development rights
  • Environmental protection issues
  • Transportation policies
  • Special taxing districts
  • Commercial management
  • Sign regulation;
  • Historic preservation
  • Sustainable development

In addition to the above, we also have experience in entitlements, municipal law, outdoor advertising, land development code, rural land preservation, agricultural land preservation, site plans, TV and cell tower placement, wind energy zoning laws, and much more.

We are well-versed in the zoning laws of different counties and municipalities throughout the state.

The Consequences of Not Working with an Experienced Planning and Zoning Attorney

Planning for land, building, and developing is a very complex and lengthy process that involves a lot of red tape.

Failure to take all steps to ensure that development is within planning and zoning laws can be costly, delaying a project or resulting in the waste of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of work and human labor.

While we represent builders, property managers, and developers during the process, we also work extremely closely with administrative and government bodies for transparency, clarification, and support.

In fact, our reputation is such that administrative and government bodies have even called upon our law offices in the past for an assessment of the legal validity of current and future zoning and planning laws, and the practical application of said laws.

Not working with an experienced planning and zoning attorney is usually a mistake; the failure to work with an attorney may mean a lack of understanding of critical regulations, as well as a lack of understanding of your rights as a builder, developer, or project manager.

We will help you create a plan that is both comprehensive and feasible, in addition to being within the boundaries of the law, which serves your best interests.

Not only do we represent clients in the planning phases of a development project, but we can also provide representation for clients in regards to zoning and planning dispute resolution and litigation.

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