Governing bodies and the elected officials who serve on them – such as a city council and council members – may be named in civil or criminal actions.

When this happens, the council (members) may face more than just legal penalties – such as fines and fees – but also significant damage to their reputation and status in the community.

If you are facing a legal dispute, the experienced attorney at the Erik Johnson Law Offices can represent you.

Protecting You from Liability

In addition to protecting you in the event that a dispute arises or an action is filed against you, the Erik Johnson Law Offices can also protect you from liability by advising you before a problem ever arises.

Our talented attorneys are well versed in open record and open meeting laws, as well as a number of other administrative laws, and can guide you in ensuring that your governing body operates within these laws.

We will do everything possible to provide you with a feeling of security as you perform your duties as a public servant.

When Disputes Arise

In the event that you are named in a civil or criminal action, or another type of legal dispute presents itself, our law firm will be there to provide you with the best representation in Ada Oklahoma.

We have experience representing a wide range of government entities at the local and state level, as well as the elected officials and administrators who work for those entities.

We are committed to developing unique and effective solutions, prioritizing an amicable relationship between parties and avoiding litigation whenever possible.

Why Choose the Erik Johnson Law Offices

When it comes to a law firm that you want to work with to protect yourself from liability or defend yourself if an issue surfaces, the Erik Johnson Law Offices should be a clear choice.

We have extensive experience both in and out of the courtroom, and are extremely knowledgeable in regards to administrative laws and the laws that are applicable to governing bodies.

More than our legal acumen, however, we take pride in our work.

We realize that most city council members do their jobs on a volunteer basis, acting as public servants for the good of their community.

We appreciate this, and want to return the favor by offering superior legal services and guidance through the legislative process.

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Protecting your reputation as an elected official is important, and ensuring that you are operating within the law is a significant part of that.

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